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We are pleased to announce that the TOKYO FRONTLINE PHOTO AWARD 2023 is now open for entries. Once again this year, the works of the Grand Prize and Runner-up Prize winners will be published as NEOTOKYOZINE by G/P+abp. These zines will be sold and promoted at book fairs in Japan and abroad, including TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR, bookstores, and online.

Application period: May 1st, 2023 (MON) to July 3rd (MON).

*Please note that applications will not be accepted if they arrive after July 4th.


Judging System:

1. Primary screening: The portfolio will be reviewed and about 15 applicants will be selected to proceed to the final round of evaluation. Those who have passed the primary screening will be notified by the organizer for final review.

2. Final round: The 15 finalists who have advanced to the finals and the panel of judges will gather for an open jury session. The finalists who pass the first screening will be requested to make a presentation, and the Grand Prize, Semi-Grand Prize, and Jury Prizes will be decided.

       Date: July 30th (SUN)

       Place: NACC (Nihonbashi Anarchy Culture Center)


2023 Judges:

-Takashi Honma (Photographer)

-Atsushi Sasaki (Critic/ Representative of “HEADZ”)

-Chihiro Minato (Photographer/ Scholar of visual anthropology/ Professor at Tama Art University)

-Taisuke Koyama (Photographer)

-Kohei Oyama (Representative of “Newfave”) 

-Takashi Kawashima (Photographer/ Assistant professor at Tokyo Polytechnic University)

-Yuki Tawada (Artist/ Associate professor at Kyoto University of the Arts)

-Shigeo Goto (Editor/ Creative director/ Professor at Kyoto University of the Arts)

*Please note that the members of the jury are subject to change. Please be forewarned in advance.




How to Apply:

1. Applications are open to professionals, amateurs, nationalities, ages, and careers.

2. Please fill out the application form and send with your portfolio.

    Click HERE to download the application form. If you are submitting your portfolio by e-mail, please leave the Return Address field blank.

3. Each applicant is required to submit one portfolio, no larger than A4 size, with a maximum of 50 pages. There is no limit on data volume when you submit PDF files by e-mail, but please use a large file transmission service if your file volume is over 2 MB (e.g., GIGAFILE).

*Those who proceed to the final round of the competition will be required to submit digital data for the public review process. If you submit your portfolio in paper format, please also prepare its data by scanning or other way before the final screening. Likewise, please note that a paper portfolio is required if you have submitted your portfolio in data format if you proceed to the final.

**Those who apply by e-mail will receive an acceptance e-mail within 3 days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. If you do not receive an e-mail, please contact the organizers:

4. The application fee is 5000JPY (tax included). Please make a payment by bank transfer to the bank account below and send us the bank transfer statement along with your portfolio.

If you are applying by e-mail, please send a photo (or scanned image) of the bank transfer statement along with the portfolio data and the application form.

Our bank account:

    Name of the Bank: Mizuho Bank, Ltd. (Japan)

    Branch Name: EBISU/ Branch #188

    Type of Account: Savings Account

    Account Number: 1376209

    Account Name: art beat publishers Co.,Ltd

*NOTE: Please cover the transfer fee at your expense.

5. The portfolios sent by mail will be returned within 6 months after the final review is completed.

*NOTE: Please be sure to enclose a stamped, self‐addressed envelope or a cash-on-delivery slip with your application.


Please send your application form and portfolio to following address.

If you are submitting by mail:

TOKYO FRONTLINE executive office

3F, AMS bldg., 102-8 Itaya-machi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka, Japan




〒430-0928 静岡県浜松市中区板屋町102-8 AMSビル3F 

If you are submitting PDF data by e-mail, please send to




Grand Prize/ Semi-Grand Prize/ Jury Prizes

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